Project aims

The ECOSCIM project has three aims.

First, we are developing a new framework to help guide Smart City innovation. It will pay more attention to citizens and their needs and priorities.

We want to make sure Smart City innovation is more:

  • integrated
  • Inclusive
  • equitable.

The framework we are developing aims to encourage smart city innovation processes that are more forward-looking, inclusive, responsive and reflexive.

Second, we are examining existing Smart City projects in Mexico City to see how they measure up to our new framework.

Third, we are investigating the social and political context in which Smart City innovation takes place.

We want to find out what can be done to increase the chances that innovation will:

  • be effective
  • make an impact
  • stay focused on what is important to citizens.

The project findings will help citizens in Mexico City and communities elsewhere in Mexico, and in other parts of the world, who are interested in being involved in Smart City innovation.

The project is funded by the ESRC in the UK and Conacyt in Mexico. It runs from September 2019 to June 2021.

For more information contact the project leads:

  • Professor Alex Marsh, School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol (email: alex.marsh (at)
  • Dr Arturo Flores, Facultad de Estudios Globales, Universidad Anáhuac México – Campus Norte (email: arturo.floresl (at)